Upstream Timber Operations

The Group's timber business is dependent on the sound management of our precious forest resources. This best practice is carried across our operations from timber extraction and the processing, to the manufacture and sale of a wide range of wood products.

Our management team has a long track record of developing, investing in and operating forest concessions and downstream wood products processing operations of over 30 years. We are committed to implementing sustainable forest management practices which are designed to ensure the long-term supply of our forest resources.

The strategic locations of our forest resources within the Asia-Pacific region and South America enable us to market these products efficiently and access key markets across the globe, including Japan, China, India, Europe and North America.

Currently, we have forest assets, primarily in the form of forest concessions, plantation licenses, and freehold land, with a log production volume of over 2.3 million m3 annually. Our gross forest concession areas total approximately 1.4 million hectares in Malaysia and approximately 1.6 million hectares in Guyana. In addition, we own, lease or hold forestry licenses for land in Malaysia, New Zealand and China for existing and future tree plantations.