Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is the cornerstone of our communication policy. We advocate constructive and transparent communication with our stakeholders. Stakeholder interests were met through solid corporate governance policies with timely dissemination of accurate information and with accountability.

We play a prominent role in shaping industry opinion and action, and spare no effort in cultivating goodwill among forest communities, not only for business sustainability but also to assist them to break free from the cycle of poverty and in the interest of sustainable development.

Investor Relations

We engage our investors through regular two-way discussions with analysts and institutional investors, annual general meetings and investor conferences. We host site visits for institutional investors and analysts to learn more about the company and industry. The Group’s website allows users to access the latest announcements, corporate news and in-depth information about the company and industry.


In addition to the formal framework of community assistance and community development, we invest considerable time and resources on building open, honest and mutually beneficial relationships with the indigenous communities living within our concession areas. We have in place a formal and systematic process of continuous engagement to achieve community consensus and acceptance.  We have always engaged the communities prior to commencing operations, so as to understand their concerns, needs and better cope with inevitable issues that may arise from time to time.


Our customers rely on us for quality and the assurance that the timber we supply is responsibly managed and harvested. In addition to day-to-day contact through our sales and marketing personnel, we regularly host customer field visits to our operations and conduct annual customer surveys.

The Group also undertakes regular and ongoing stakeholder engagement with the Government, regulatory bodies, industry peak bodies, non-governmental organizations, suppliers and the media through regular site visits, dialogues, forums and correspondence.

Samling has proven itself as a long-term player, having been in the business for almost 50 years. We have also evolved from a logging operator to a public-listed entity delivering healthy performances year after year.

We acknowledge that long-term success depends on our capacity to generate returns while nurturing our forests, supporting our communities, delivering shareholder value and empowering our employees to bring useful, innovative wood products to market.

Therefore, above all, we aim to adapt quickly to changes in markets and the operating environment and take proactive initiatives in our quest for significant growth and delivering value beyond financials or material to our stakeholders.

Engaging with forest and timber authorities. Representatives from Sarawak Timber Association, Sarawak Forest Department, Sarawak Forestry Corporation and Samling meeting at STA’s office in Kuching to discuss legality issues affecting the timber industry.