Sarawak ITP Certification

Policy Statements


The purpose of the Policy Manual is to:

  1. State general policy and procedural guidelines pertaining to the Principles and Criteria of the Malaysian Criteria and Indicators (MC&I) for Forest Management Certification (Forest Plantation.v2);
  2. Define and describe the MC&I (Forest Plantation.v2) requirements;
  3. Outline general procedures for the Principles and Criteria of the MC&I (Forest Plantation.v2); and
  4. Provide a control system for documentation of periodical review of policies to ensure their continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.


Ref. No. Title of Policy Statement
PM001 Policy Statement on MC&I (Forest Plantation.v2) 1 June 2018
PM002 Environmental Policy Statement 1 March 2017
PM003 Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy Statement 1 April 2016
PM007 Invasive Exotic Species 1 March 2017
PM008 Waste Management 1 January 2018