Sustainable Forest Management

In our business, we depend on the forest as a vital and precious resource. It is therefore only natural that we take pride in maintaining the forests for generations to come. At Samling, sustainable forest management is our commitment to a journey of continuous improvement.

Our carefully-considered forestry techniques help us to optimise the value of forestlands so that the wood products we provide commensurate with the needs of society today and in the future.

Selective Harvesting and Natural Regeneration
Allowing forests to restore naturally

Our forest concession areas are managed and controlled under systematic Forest Management Plans, according to the regulations of the relevant authorities.

Our selective harvesting method means we only harvest mature, commercial trees of a specific diameter, on a rotational cycle. Harvested areas are then closed for a prescribed period of time before the next harvest cycle in the same area. This provides younger trees a chance to grow to their full commercial potential, while removing aged trees that would otherwise die naturally, allowing forests to regenerate naturally.

In Sarawak, our cutting cycles follow the authorities' annual allowable harvest, under the Annual Coupe system, which allows time for forests to restore their natural eco-balance.



  • Sequence of operations to selectively harvest mature and over-mature trees through an Annual Coupe System

  • Cross-section of multi-canopy Dipterocarp forest before and right after harvesting