Our Milestones


Year Event
1991 The longest bridge in the Baram Region is built at Long San. Spanning 840 feet and costing of over RM8 million, the bridge provides access to all in the forest community and stimulates development in the area.
1993 The Community Affairs Department is established in Sarawak.
2000 The first Samling scholarship is established for Malaysian students entering tertiary education.
2001 Sela'an-Linau Forest Management Unit (FMU) establishes a Community Liaison Committee, a formal body comprising representatives of major stakeholders to discuss matters of common interests pertaining to the FMU.
2002 MOU with Wildlife Conservation Society, New York
2005 BCL establishes the Upper Pomeroon and Esseiquibo Joint Community Relations Committees.
2007 Samling establishes "Janji", a community self-sustaining programme to promote the art and craft of the indigenous communities in Malaysia. A "Janji" sales outlet was set up in Suria KLCC, Malaysia's leading shopping centre.