Kitchen & Kitchen Accessories

With the vision of inspiring a better home living experience by offering a selection of relevant, functional, contemporary and good value products, AinoFurnishing (formerly known as AinoKitchen) was launched as a new business concept to expand its product range as well as strengthening its presence in the domestic market.

The brand AINO Living currently has two retail outlets in Malaysia: a 3,100 sq ft Waterfront, Desa ParkCity store which opened in June 2011, and a 10,000 sq ft flagship outlet in 1U Shopping Centre in Bandar Utama which opened in December 2011.

AINO Living outlets currently carry more than 2,600 articles in its product range and many others are soon to be added, so that shoppers are absolutely spoiled for choice! The shops boast a vast array of decorative pieces and home accessories ranging from kitchen and dining utensils and appliances, to dining and serving ware, and of course, kitchen systems, where it all began.

What AINO offers are practical, brilliant designs that define space, save time and effort, organise storage and optimise workflow in the kitchen and dining area. Customers are shown a vast selection of designs, door styles, finishes, functional storage solutions and decorative enhancements to choose from, allowing them to fully customise their living space.

AINO Living Kitchen Systems encompass the arrangements of shelves and cabinets in a way that makes working in the kitchen more pleasant and user friendly. The most interesting aspect of our kitchen systems is that they can be planned to fit in any area of space. Beauty and functionality are two of the most important elements that are set to work in our kitchen systems.

At AINO, we encourage our customers to let their imagination dictate every item that would add that special touch in personalizing their own living space.

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