Integrated Timber Operations

Samling is an environmentally friendly forest resource and wood products company with a competitive edge. We have a comprehensive end-to-end supply chain that involves:

  • Upstream sustainable harvesting operations
  • Downstream responsible manufacturing facilities
  • Global product distribution network

As a fully integrated timber company, Samling is able to systematically track the chain of custody of each timber and wood-based product, from the forest floor to each consumer's door, ensuring each product is made prioritizing environmental considerations alongside with business growth.

Sustainable forest management is at the heart of our business. We are intrinsically motivated to continuously explore opportunities to conserve entire forest ecosystems and carefully protect both wildlife as well as soil and water quality.

Our management team has in-depth expertise in initiating, developing and operating forest concessions and downstream wood products processing operations for over 40 years. We are committed to upholding sustainable forest management practices which are carefully designed and strategically implemented for environmental conservation.

The Group has forest concessions, plantation licenses, and freehold land. Our gross forest concession areas amount to 1.2 million hectares in Malaysia. The Group also owns, lease or hold forestry licenses for land in China and Malaysia for existing and future tree plantations.