Samling Housing Products Sdn Bhd (SHP) manufactures high quality home furniture, from basic to ready-to-assemble (RTA) furniture for convenience, and also flat-packed collections. Its furniture products are principally made for export markets, with major ones including Japan, United States, United Kingdom and Europe.

Our furniture collection offer functional styles and thoughtful designs to inspire living spaces that are beautifully livable. Living and dining areas to suit every taste, kitchens that are practical and nifty, and bedrooms you never want to leave. Only high quality natural materials are used and to top it up, our furniture is designed for easy assembly.

Each collection is stylistically different, but our furniture shares characteristics that will delight homeowners. Among the unique features is added spine support for large drawers and reinforced foundation for huge pieces such as beds or wardrobes. Storage space is always ample and style is never sacrificed for functionality. There are also value-added touches such as a "soft close" system for drawers and matching furniture body and legs. Each collection is also available in different wood colours, from lighter tones like Maple and Modern Oak for a breezy and simple feel to darker tones like Wenge and Fine Walnut for a more sophisticated look.

The modern "hybrid" furniture concept is ideal for discerning buyers who enjoy the flexibility of creating unique homes with mix-and-match (modular) furniture to suit their varying tastes and needs without the additional cost of custom-made furniture. Its Sudocu collection is designed as such that multiple pieces can be made from basic configurations a simple bookcase can be transformed into a chest of drawers, an entertainment centre or even a office desktop by adding the appropriate drawers, doors, shelves and hardware.

From the living room to the kitchen, the dining room and the bedroom, our furniture combines style, design elegance and functionality with utility to create beautiful homes.