Exuding warmth and comfort, wood flooring has always had classic appeal, making it a natural choice for flooring for homes, galleries, offices and showrooms.

Samling appreciates the unsurpassed reliability and benefits of wood flooring and we continue to seek new means of enhancing its value. Our high grade manufacturing process and high quality word ensures that Samling's hardwood flooring lasts with minimum maintenance.

Samling's flooring product line is further enhanced with its investment in Elegant Living, a leading and well-established engineered wood flooring brand in China. Elegant Living offers a versatile and exclusive range of engineered, laminate and solid wood flooring to suit any interiors. Elegant Living Baroque, its premium brand of engineered wood flooring consist of unique, meticulously hand-sculptured top layers with each floor panel individually crafted by skilled hands in the Elegant Living workshop.

Inspired by the elements of the Baroque period, Elegant Living Baroque flooring is the epitome of classical elegance. With its fine workmanship in every single flooring panel, it embodies an exquisite pursuit of high living in the plush interiors of a home.

We also produce FSC Chain-of-Custody certified engineered wood flooring containing at least 70% FSC certified material and solid wood flooring containing 100% FSC (Riverside Plywood Corporation - SGS-COC-1294) certified material from China.

We feature two new products, decking and solid wood flooring from Guyanese wood species. Our decking made out of heavy, hard timber is suitable for use under exacting conditions while our solid wood flooring is a premium product that will lend an elegant touch to any home.

For more information, visit Elegant Living at www.elegantliving.cn (Chinese) or www.elegantliving.com.cn (English)

Unique hand-sculptured engineered wood flooring by Elegant Living