Doors & Door Facings


Samling has established a joint-venture for the manufacturing and distribution of doors with Masonite International Corporation, an American global building products company. Both Masonite and Samling's well-established distribution networks position us to distribute high quality doors worldwide.

We take pride in designing and making wooden doors that possess a distinctive style and flare that will accentuate any home decor and even become the focus of a room. They provide arresting beauty, lasting durability and timeless performance. Apart from durability and easy installation, Samling doors are also made to appeal aesthetically to homes all over the world.

Our doors can be tailor-made to your every design and specification, and we ensure that customers get a reliable supply, consistent standards and value for their money.

Door Facings

Like our door business, we have also established a partnership with Masonite for the manufacturing and distribution of door facings.

Door facings are essentially HDF (High Density Fiberboard) that have been pressed into a three dimensional board, duplicating the appearance of a solid raised panel door.

At Samling, we offer contemporary and the latest door designs in a wide range of sizes. We go even further by paying close attention to the door facings' inner properties, ensuring the quality and durability of our door facings.

Our manufacturing plant is one of the few in the world that uses tropical hardwood residues. This optimises the utilisation of our timber resources and is a key factor for the excellent properties of our door facings.