Community Assistance
Providing for basic needs

An offer of help or opportunity is often all that is needed to assist community members lead safer and easier lives.

For remote villages without road access, travel to schools, healthcare facilities and between villages can be challenging, sometimes taking hours, days and sometimes weeks to get from one place to another. Fresh water supply and electricity is not always readily available and wood homes that are weathered and improperly structured can make living uncomfortable.

Regular engagement with the local communities enables us to provide for their most basic needs - electricity, clean water and building materials for their homes, schools and places of worship.

To ensure we are constantly in touch with the communities, we make regular visits to check on project conditions and identify necessary maintenance works. For instance, we repair worn-out timber structures, and fix improper electrical wiring.

Additionally, requests are often made for the unexpected repair of bridges; clearing roads from land slips; maintaining the water pipes and electrical wiring in villages, and a host of small contributions to help out in emergencies.

We help provide communities by providing:

Generator sets and wiring system for electricity

Water pipes or Mini-Hydro Dam for water

Supplies of building materials (pipes, roofing, cement, lighting etc.) for their homes

Site levelling for agriculture use

Transportation arrangements to schools, clinics, among others and annual fuel provision

Financial assistance to schools